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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Irie Tours B.V.

1. General

At the time of booking, you must agree to honor and abide by the terms and conditions laid down by Irie Tours B.V. and must make all the participants in your party aware of these terms and conditions.

2. Liability

1.       Irie Tours B.V. shall in no circumstance be liable for any (in)direct damage and / or loss caused by the activities or otherwise by failure.

2.       Irie Tours B.V. shall in no circumstance be liable for any damage suffered by third parties during the time of the activity.

3. Safety

1.       Participant states knowledge of participation in the activities and that the activities involves risk including injury and / or damage to property caused by weather conditions.

2.       By acknowledging these risks, the participant explicitly accepts these risk while using and participation in services and activities provided by Irie Tours B.V.  and agrees that these risks will be at their own expense.

3.       With participation in activities on the ships the participant is informed that there is a life jacket for every passenger that can be worn for the entire duration of the activity.

4.       Participant will inform Irie Tours B.V. prior to the activity about any food allergies / intolerances and other conditions that may cause health problems. Participant agrees that consuming any of the food and drinks offered by Irie Tours B.V. is entirely at your own risk.

5.       Participants are not allowed to:

§  Touch any equipment, ropes or any part of the ships without permission of Irie Tours B.V. employees.

§  Jump from board without permission of an Irie Tours B.V. employee.

§  Conduct any dangerous behavior or cause obstacles for fellow participants, Irie Tours B.V. employees and / or other ships.

§  Bring or use drugs, dangerous substances and / or weapons on the activity.

§  Excessive alcohol use.

4. Requirements

1.       The participant shall at all times, especially in case of emergency follow the directions and / or instructions of Irie Tours B.V. staff to the fullest of their capability.

2.       Irie Tours B.V. is entitled at any time in breach of the rules explained under Safety to deny participants to enter or resume the activity in which case the participant is in no case entitled to repayment / refund or compensation.

3.       All participants must be physically fit and able to swim to make a booking or inform Irie Tours B.V. if this is not the case.

4.       Any participant that has not arrived by the scheduled time of the activity shall be deemed a NO SHOW.

5. Cancellation

1.       All cancellations must be sent to and confirmed by the sales department of Irie Tours B.V. by email to: sales@irietours.com

        If Irie Tours B.V does not reach the required minimum of passengers for a tour, you'll be offered a different date or a full   refund.

2.       Cancellations for our regular activities with more than 24 hours’ notice will be 100% refunded.

3.       Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded.

4.       Private charters or rents will be refunded with a 14 days’ notice.

5.       Private charters or rents will be refunded for 50% with a 7 days’ notice.

6.       Private charters or rents will not by refunded with less the 7 days’ notice.

7.       No show = No refund

8.       Irie Tours B.V. reserves the right to cancel your reservation for violations of our policies.

6. Weather policy

Irie Tours B.V. will not depart in unsafe weather conditions. The captain will assess the weather and should he or she determine that the conditions are unsafe to start or continue the activity, the activity may be stopped, postponed or cancelled. Every effort will be made by Irie Tours B.V. to reschedule your activity during your stay. If you are unable to reschedule, you will have the option to receive a partial or full refund.

7. Customer Service

Irie Tours B.V. is constantly upgrading its ships to better serve its customers. That being said our pricing may change from time to time based on these improvements. We understand that this may cause our brochure to have old pricing, thus in effort to provide customers with relevant up to date pricing please consult the website or sales department for current pricing and equipment information.

8. Other

  1. Deviations from these terms must be in writing before this substitute any articles in these terms.
  2. Under these terms, the agreement with the participant, all (other) Irie Tours B.V. services and all disputes arising between the participant and Irie Tours B.V., the law of Curacao applies. In all cases, the Court of Curaçao is exclusively competent to take note of these disputes.
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